What's this site for?

This system helps to exchange big files between customers, partners or adessi on the road, who has no access to adesso services. Through this application it ist possible to upload a file for another person, who can download it afterwards.
For both situations, you need a transaction number (TAN) The generation of TAN's will be recorded with your user id, to be able to prevent misuse of this system.
Please note, that this service has two views, dependent on your Location. If you are in an adesso office or connected via VPN you will see this view. If you 're not in an adesso office, you will see the customer view, in which it isn't possible to generate TAN's!

ATTENTION! YouŽd like to provide confidential data?

Please note for security reasons you need to encrypt the confidential data before uploading.

To secure these services, data accesses (upload and download) are recorded!

YouŽd like to provide someone with a file?

Upload the file (see below "upload file"), afterwards you will see a link address. Copy this link address into an e-mail and send it to your adesso contact. The addressee doesnŽt need any further information.
Alternatively you may list the character string stated and recall your file when using another PC. Therefore you need to click the button "download file" (see below).
Remark: If you are in an adesso office, you don't need to insert a TAN in the form "Upload file". If you are outside the adesso network, you have to enter a previously generated transaction number (TAN) by yourself.

You'd like to receive a file from someone?

Tell him/her this link (https://tausch.adesso.de/tausch/exchange.pl and a Transaction authentication number (TAN) , External people will be automaticali redirected to the right URL), ask them for the TAN which can be used to download the file, or ask vor the download Link (If you have provided your e-mail address when you generated the TAN, you will receive an automtically generated email, when the file has been successfully uploaded.) . With the TAN you can download your file (see "Download file"), a Link can be double clicked to start the download.

Upload file

With this function you may upload a file into the file storage.

  1. If needed you may be change the files duration in the file storage. The memory capacity will appreciate a short duration!
  2. Please enter TAN in the field below.
  3. Select file (maximum 4291 MB) by clicking the button "searching" respectively "browse". Please donŽt enter the filename.
  4. Send file by clicking the button "upload".
  5. Please copy the link address emerging afterwards (or list the character string corresponding). Exclusively in that way a data access from any other PC with Internet is possible.
After the file will be erased.

Download file

While uploading youŽve received a character string (or someone who have uploaded the file handed it over to you) that looks approximately like this: a5nerdng
Please copy that character string, paste it into the following input box and click on the button "download".
To avoid typing errors please use copy and paste (Copy&Paste):

  1. mark the character string,
  2. copy (mostly via short cut strg+c) it into the clipboard,
  3. afterwards click into that input box and
  4. paste the character string (mostly via short cut strg+v).
Character string:

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